Who We Are

AppQuantum is an international mobile free-to-play game publisher.

Our priority is helping talented developers around the globe focus on making mobile games they love. We provide publishing and increase revenue, so devs can produce worldwide hit titles. We always stay on the lookout for dev teams with ideas of creating successful free-to-play games. To those, we offer a shortcut towards their goal, saving them 2–3 years.

AppQuantum’s games have collectively reached over 130,000,000 downloads.

The company employs seasoned professionals from all fields, from production and game design to QA, support and community management. We also work with some of the industry’s best creative and UA specialists.

Besides traditional publishing, we offer investments, the “Smart Money” program, which combines investments and consulting in areas we are most experienced in, as well as other types of support and cooperation programs.

We are a team of gamedev specialists
who are striving to skyrocket your game.


Our Values

People are a mainstay
Cool games start with cool teams and people.
Money is a tool
We make money while developers make hits.
Expertise is the key
Our decisions are based on successful cases and tests.
Respect is everything
We build partnerships taking into account each others’ opinions.
Honesty is the foundation
We admit our mistakes and expect the same in return.
Courage is the rule
We set ambitious goals and vouch for the result.

Why join us

We enjoy working hard all year long...

Watch us party hard!


If you want to be a part of our team,
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